Crazy Covers: Rainn Wilson and Rivers Cuomo, “One Of Us”

Have you ever wanted to hear Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Office actor Rainn Wilson cover Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us?” Well, now you can!

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The two flannel-wearing brothers from another mother got together to record some songs for actor and musician Jason Schwartzman’s Sirius radio show, which debuts tonight.

YouTube has video of the two performing Joan Osborne’s once-ubiquitous (in 1995) hit with a classical guitarist (Wilson plays bongos). After a lengthy preamble, the music starts around 4:40. The radio show will feature some brand new Rivers Cuomo songs, as well as new tunes from Schwartzman’s latest band, Coconut Records.

Cuomo has spoken before about how he likes to analyze pop hits for lyrics, chord structure, and length, to see what makes them tick. Maybe that’s the reason he dug up this Lilith Fair chestnut.


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