Weezer’s Top 10 Songs

Weezer is a funny band. In one way, they’re one of the best rock groups of the past, say, 30 years. The band’s first few records are celebrated and cherished, unlike many others. Uber fans will rush to their defense, tell you that every track is perfect, every segue stellar. Largely, they’d be right.

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But Weezer, fronted by Rivers Cuomo, has also gone through some ups and downs over the years—at least when it comes to the perception of fans. While the band maintains a large following, it’s also received some criticism for recent releases. It’s understandable; when you release big, impactful hit albums right out of the gate, it can be hard to keep people satisfied for decades to come.

Yet, Weezer remains. Each year or two, the group releases something new, reminds fans why they fell in love in the first place, and gives them something new to smile about—most recently with the band’s 2021 album, Van Weezer, which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard charts.

Here, we celebrate our Top 10 favorite Weezer Songs:

10. “Enter Sandman” 2021 Metallica cover

9. “Island In The Sun” from the 2001 Green Album

8. “Hash Pipe” from the 2001 Green Album

7. “Butterfly” from the 1996 album, Pinkerton

6. “Only In Dreams” from the 1994 Blue Album

5. “Say It Ain’t So” from the 1994 Blue Album

4. “Buddy Holly” from the 1994 Blue Album

3. “My Name Is Jonas” from the 1994 Blue Album

2. “Undone – The Sweater Song” from the 1994 Blue Album

1. “Beverly Hills” from 2005 album, Make Believe

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