Creedence Clearwater Revival: Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival – Greatest Hits and All-Time Classics

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Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival — Greatest Hits and All-Time Classics
Rating: 4 stars

Certainly no one was demanding, or even meekly requesting, yet another in a long line of hits compilations from this classic West Coast American swamp roots rocking band, especially because there are dozens available that revisit the same territory. Since Creedence only recorded seven studio albums that have been reissued in deluxe editions—all but the final Mardi Gras essential to any serious American rock collection—there can’t be many folks left who need another CCR catalog highlights set. But Christmas is approaching and this three disc package is somewhat unique since its third platter adds twelve live recordings to the 40 studio songs on the first two. Quality liner notes, chart positions of the tunes and albums they originate from along with rare pictures, round out a package that could have been better if it added some previously unreleased live material (maybe something from the long bootlegged Woodstock performance) to the relatively skimpy 48 minutes you get. Still, there is no faulting the music which remains crisp, crackling and vital some four decades after its initial appearance, so those few new to the Creedence experience can start here.

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