Dailey & Vincent Go Track By Track Through Their Debut Country Record, ‘Let’s Sing Some Country’ 

Five-time Grammy Awards winners Dailey & Vincent – Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent — are going a little bit country. For their latest effort, the Bluegrass duo is putting on their cowboy boots and hats for their debut country record, Let’s Sing Some Country.

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Furthermore, the duo has enlisted the help of friends Jimmy Fortune, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, and more to make the album, produced by Paul Worley (Lady A, The Chicks, Trace Adkins), that they always wanted to make.

Let’s Sing Some Country! has been on our list of goals for many years,” says Dailey. “This record has been the most interesting process, mainly due to working with our first record producer ever, Paul Worley. Paul’s patience, vision, and passion have been poured into these tracks.”

“Recording this project has been one of the biggest highlights of my career,” adds Vincent. “This collection of music is what I’ve dreamed of recording for a long time. We hope you will enjoy our version of country music, so crank it up and Let’s Sing Some Country!

The project also includes Dailey & Vincent’s rendition of “I’ll Leave My Heart In Tennessee,” which recently became one of Tennessee’s official state songs

In her own words, Dailey & Vincent take American Songwriter readers through a track-by-track rundown of Let’s Sing Some Country.

1. “I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee” 

This song tells the story of my (Jamie) life and how I grew up. We even live these lyrics still today. We’ve performed this song for years, and we were incredibly thankful the Tennessee House and Senate voted our rendition in as one of the new Tennessee State Songs. 

2. “You Rescued Me”

A friend of mine (Jamie) who has struggled with addiction heard this song, and it touched him to his core. Singing this one more and more, we understand what he hears, and we’re moved by the many meanings of this song. This is a song that can speak to many different circumstances – and one just about any listener can identify with.

3. “Hillbilly Highway”

Once again never far from how we grew up, ‘Hillybilly Highway’ touches on the story of a family who has seen tough times, and experienced the never-ending challenges of trying to better themselves. I think many of us can relate, and the journey goes on and on…

4. “Colder Than Winter”

This song certainly lives up to its name. When we first heard this piece of art – created by songster and mastermind Vince Gill – we had chills. We were moved by the song’s beautiful melody, which does more than its part to support a lyrical story of a love long gone.

5. “Those Memories”

We’ve both sang this song since we were kids. This hauntingly beautiful song has certainly stood the test of time—from the days of Bill Monroe (The Father of Bluegrass Music) to becoming a country hit for Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmy Lou Harris decades ago. We enjoyed creating our own version of this old classic and fan favorite and loved having Rhonda Vincent join us on this one.

6. “Dig A Little Deeper”

The Oak Ridge Boys and The Statler Brothers are not only our heroes, but also our friends. We grew up loving their music and are in awe of their professionalism. With ‘Dig a Little Deeper,’ we wanted to tip our hats to the two iconic quartets who helped blaze a trail for artists like ourselves, giving us the opportunity to sing country songs as a quartet.  

7. “Closer to You” 

Hit songwriter and good friend Jimmy Fortune wrote this gem. This song inspires us, as it’s a positive message of proving your love to someone. We were beyond thrilled to have the great Alison Krauss join us with some angelic harmony for this song. 

8. “Feels Like That Again”

As most of our fans know, our quartet singing is important to us. We were looking for the perfect country song that would feature the incredible vocal talent of our bass singer, Aaron Lee McCune, and we found it in “Feels Like That Again.” Not only was it cool for us to watch Aaron Lee bring home the low note on the catchy “yippie bow” parts of the chorus, but it’s been a fun song for our entire band to perform!

9. “Young Man’s Town” 

As we get older sometimes it can feel as if life is passing us by and we don’t always understand the changes that take place around us. This song is a story of a fellow who is living in a world where the younger generation will need to make some mistakes before understanding some of the plights of an older generation. 

We love the melody and lyric in this song. It’s certainly one to make you think.

10. “Message From the Farm”

One thing to know about us: we have a huge sense of humor. When our producer Paul Worley played us this song, we had a good chuckle. It’s a feel-good tune with lighthearted lyrics, and we can’t wait to take this song to the stage and perform it for our audiences. 

11. “If I Die”

Once again, we were spellbound when Vince Gill played us this song, and we found ourselves on the edge of our seats wondering where this story was headed. We were curious about how all of man’s life gone wrong would end up and we were moved by the outcome of the ending. This song has truly blessed us.  

Let’s Sing Some Country! Track Listing

1. I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee (Karen Staley)

2. You Rescued Me (Wes Cleve Clark, A.J.Clark, Rory M. Bourke)

3. Hillbilly Highway (Steve Earle, Jimbeau Hinson)

4. Colder Than Winter (Vincent Grant Gill)

5. Those Memories Of You (Alan O’Bryant)

6. Dig A Little Deeper In The Well (Jodie Emerson, Roger Bowling)

7. Closer To You (Jimmy Fortune, Justin Peters)

8. Feels Like That Again (Karen Staley, Keith Burns)

9. Young Man’s Town (Vincent Grant Gill)

10. Message From The Farm (Daryl Burgess, Mark Matejka)

11. If I Die Drinkin’ (Vincent Grant Gill, Ashley Monroe)

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