Daily Discovery: Clare Means, “Everybody’s Room But Mine”


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Clare Means’ “Everybody’s Room But Mine” earned her an honorable mention recently in our Amateur Lyric Contest. Listen below and you’ll instantly know why. We hope she does get to open for Lucinda Williams and Fiona Apple one day.

ARTIST:  Clare Means

SONG: Everybody’s Room But Mine”

BIRTHDAY:  March 26th

BIRTHPLACE:  Pennsylvania

AMBITIONS:  Play and write music for the rest of my life.

TURN-OFFS:  Insincerity

TURN-ONS:  Kindness, intelligence and a sense of humor.

DREAM GIG:  Opening up for Leonard Cohen, Fiona Apple, or Lucinda Williams.

TV ADDICTIONS:  “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” reruns with Vincent D’Onofrio and “The Walking Dead”

CELEBRITY CRUSH:  The guy that played Shane on “The Walking Dead.” They shouldn’t have killed him off!


THE BOOK THAT CHANGED MY LIFE:  Hmmm I’m not sure…I’d probably say To Kill A Mocking Bird because that was the first book I read as a kid that really got me interested in reading and writing and hearing and telling stories.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT:  Chocolate and my guitar.

I WROTE THIS SONG: about someone in my family who went through foster care and whom I love very much.

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