Daily Discovery: Elliot Randall, “Bedroom Window”

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ARTIST: Elliot Randall

SONG: “Bedroom Window”

BIRTHDATE: August 19, 1982

BIRTHPLACE: Hong Kong (really)

AMBITIONS: Write good songs for the world to hear, improve my golf game, own my own bar one day, be a good brother and son, own a cool house and raise a family

TURN-OFFS: judgmental folks and bullies, jaded folks, pretense in general, people who say “that’s just the way it is”

TURN-ONS: sense of humor, smiles, laughs, kind hearts, hot rods, bourbon, bad horror movies, bill murray movies, bbq’s, beer flavored beer

DREAM GIG: playing the Ryman with Willie

MY GO-TO FEEL GOOD RECIPE: Grilled avocado and ER’s Snake Pit Sausage Sando

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Mila Kunis. She is really pretty.

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: smile, laugh, eyes

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: Guitar, Golf Clubs, Cowboy Boots, Fly Rod, BBQ, and one nice bottle of scotch

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

I WROTE THIS SONG: about a friend struggling with addiction.



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