Daily Discovery: Humming House, “Gypsy Django”

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ARTIST: Humming House

SONG: “Gypsy Django

BIRTHDATE: July 20, 1969 or Feb 2nd, 1984 — Justin Wade Tam

BIRTHPLACE: The Left Coast — Justin Wade Tam

AMBITIONS: To gain skill at yoga, snorkel without panicking, and develop a couture knitted fashion line for babies. — Kristen Rogers

TURN-OFFS: The sound of intense chewing, short shorts on men, and cologne! — Kristen Rogers

TURN-ONS: Intelligence — Justin Wade Tam

DREAM GIG: Background singer for Brandy. — Kristen Rogers

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Jennifer Love-Hewitt (because sadly, my wife isn’t a celebrity yet). — Joshua Wolak

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: Eyes as deep as the grey sea, a propensity for literature, a thirst for travel, and a beauty that is only matched by her class. — Justin Wade Tam

5 THINGS A MAN SHOULD OWN: Straight razor, a tailored pinstripe suit, a tool shed, a humidor, and a smoking jacket. — Joshua Wolak

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: a silly jingle stuck in my head. — Joshua Wolak

WROTE THIS SONG: About Django Reinhardt and his wife in the 1930’s & 40’s. It was the first song we recorded with Mitch Dane and the catalyst for the creation of Humming House. — Justin Wade Tam


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