Daily Discovery: Julian Lamadrid Tackles Time in New Single

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

They often call New York City a “melting pot.” To me, that seems like everyone is blending together to become exactly the same when in reality, it’s more like a salad, where everyone is uniquely different but a part of a community. This is where Mexican artist Julian Lamadrid has called home, pulling from the millions of different tastes and trends to become his own and create music like his new single “My Time.”

By listening, fans of Lamadrid will instantly be able to tell that “My Time” is his most commercial track to date.

After moving to NYC from Dubai, he realized that the societal pressure of creating data driven art wasn’t for him, so he wrote, recorded, and produced some of his first releases such as his 12-track album ‘Mala Noche.’

His new track, which came out April 10, was ultimately just a coping mechanism for releasing some built up feelings. “I needed to release my emotions some how,” says Lamadrid, who wants fans to take a very strong message away from it.

“Time is the most valuable thing we have, don’t waste it on someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

There’s no doubt that time is inevitably dwindling down for everybody and with the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant across the globe, that clock is ticking a little quicker for others unfortunately. To combat this pandemic, Lamadrid has released some new merchandise, with some of the proceeds going to help fight the coronavirus.

Lamadrid went to Instagram to tell fans the awesome opportunity to help others. “Go cop a piece of history. Portion of proceeds go to COVID-19 relief.”

To stay up to date on all things surrounding Lamadrid, follow him on Instagram @JulianLamadrid or visit www.JulianLamadrid.com.

“My Time” is available on streaming platforms everywhere today!

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