Daily Discovery: Lxandra Pens An Ode To Self-Love With Disco-Esque Single “Sideways”

The first few moments of Lxandra’s new single “Sideways” instantly send you into an exciting, colorful atmosphere. From the steady thump of the kick drum to the ‘70s disco strings to the mosaic of sounds, palm-muted guitars and funky synth fills, it’s an irresistibly alluring track beckoning you to put your worries down and get your dancing shoes on.

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“I usually write ballads, but this one stands out because you can cry on the dance floor to it,” Lxandra told American Songwriter. “I was in a very toxic and bad relationship, it was on and off, etc. So we wrote this one, a fun take on a sad subject. You gotta realize your own worth, learn to respect yourself and not let people treat you like shit. It’s not always easy to let go, even when it’s something that’s not good for you.”

And between the song’s vibrant energy and Lxandra’s confident prowess as an artist, “Sideways” does become a genuinely uplifting and empowering tune. Even the music video itself shows off the Berlin-based artist’s eye for fashion and individuality, which, in many ways, mirrors her approach to songwriting as a whole. 

“Write in your own words and trust your instincts,” she offered as advice. “Write from the heart—that’s cheesy, but true. That’s how I feel like good and relatable—and special—songs come to life. Don’t try to write a hit or to write something that’s already written. Everything is kind of already written anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to try to copy something, it rarely turns out to be actually good.”

Growing up on the small island of Suomenlinna in Finland—right off the coast of Helsinki—Lxandra first embarked on her career with a bit of an experimental folk angle, but in recent years has hit her stride crafting genre-blending alt-pop. Coming ahead of a new album—set to drop sometime later this year— “Sideways” is an exciting taste of much more to come. 

Lxandra’s new single “Sideways” is out now and available everywhere. Watch the music video for it below:

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