Daily Discovery: Maggie Baugh Falls Back in Love with Her Music on New Single, “Think About Me”

Singer, songwriter, and mulit-instrumentalist Maggie Baugh feels the one good thing to come from the pandemic was her new single, “Think About Me.” Co-written with Alejandro Medina and released June 18, the break-up anthem reveals a side of the artist she feels her audience has not seen yet.

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“I have always been known to be the high-energy, stage performer, and that will never change, but with ‘Think About Me,’ I really want people to be able to dive deeper,” the Florida native tells American Songwriter. “To be able to see that there is a vulnerable side to me as a human and an artist. I am very excited to let people in to a place that is not easily accessible.”

Lyrically, Baugh bears all—the good, bad, and ugly emotions heartbreak conjures. She points to the line, And every time you pour yourself a glass / of all the memories you have / do you still think about me, as exemplary of her authentic emotional representation.

“I love how vulnerable this line in,” she says. “The message of this song doesn’t come from a place of hate, or anger that the relationship is over, it comes from a place of peace. It is supposed to be a very peaceful end, but asking the character if and when you go the place where we met, do you still think about me.”

Like most touring artists, Baugh was sidelined from her road life for the better part of the last year. At home with her thoughts, she dove deeper into her stories, honing her songwriting craft.

“My heart is on that stage, so when it was taken away, it was as if a piece of myself was taken from me too,” says Baugh. “Because of all the uncertainty, I had to put music away for a bit, and I am so glad that I did. It took me losing it, to fall back in love with it all over again. I fell in love with playing guitar on my couch for hours, performing for no one except me. Since I had that time, I was able to find myself not only as a writer, but as a human and an artist.”

“Think About Me,” like most of her music, expands beyond the bounds of personal experience. The emotion she carries throughout the track evokes a rawness that reaches others who have felt the same way.

“There is always a big piece of myself in any song that I write,” says Baugh. “I want people to be able to relate to my music, that there is someone else going through the same exact thing that you are, and it is okay to feel how you are feeling. Whether that is being in love or going through a heartbreak.”

Listen to “Think About Me,” below. Keep up with Maggie Baugh here.

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