Daily Discovery: The Dryes Pay Tribute to Dolly Parton in “Dolly Would”

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Videos by American Songwriter

Day after day, it seems that Dolly Parton is worth every shred of praise we weak humans can bestow upon the deity. It’s with this sentiment in mind that Nashville-based duo, The Dryes, wrote and recorded their newest single, “Dolly Would,” which the North Carolina-borne band recently performed live at Parton’s theme park, Dollywood, earlier this month.

It’s also our latest Daily Discovery:

“I have admired Dolly for her grit and her confidence in who she is, unapologetically,” says the band’s frontwoman, Katelyn Drye. “She knew what she wanted and she did it without tearing other people down.”

Katelyn says she’s wanted to produce a song about Parton for some time and that time came when she and her husband (and bandmate), Derek, were on a drive home one day. The duo, who we previously covered by American Songwriter here, later co-wrote the song with artists Shane Stevens and Mia Fields.

“We were headed back to Nashville and the signs for Dollywood kept popping up on the highway,” Katelyn says. “Derek said, ‘Babe, we need to write a song called, ‘Dolly Would,’ and I was like, ‘you’re a genius!’”

For the duo, who say they aim to write about their own experiences as much and as honestly as possible, the song signifies perseverance. Just like their car making the hours-long drive home on that day the song’s inspiration came to them, stopping and forgetting the mission is not exactly an option.

“Do not ever be ashamed of who you are,” Katelyn says. “And don’t give up on the dreams you have. It’s those who don’t quit being who they are that really do something that lasts.”

The Dryes’ new tune is in keeping with Parton’s style. It pays tribute to the woman who once famously said, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!” In fact, Katelyn says her favorite line in the tune is, Call me trashy, call me cheap, that’s a compliment to me. Derek adds that his favorite line is, Say the bleach went to my brain, say my dreams are so insane, oh but I’m just gonna do what Dolly would.

“’Dolly Would,’” Katelyn says, “is an anthem for women and men who have worked their tails off for the dreams they have.”

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