Daily Discovery: Warren Barfield, “The Right Time”

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ARTIST: Warren Barfield

SONG: “The Right Time”

BIRTHDATE: 05/04/1979


AMBITIONS: To always be getting better, never settle.

TURN-OFFS: Arrogance and status quo.

TURN-ONS: Simplicity and ingenuity.

DREAM GIG: Every gig is a dream come true. It’s amazing that I get to do this for a living.

TV ADDICTIONS: House Hunter International, Duck Dynasty.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Mickey Mouse. I wish my son would be as fascinated with me as he is with a cartoon.

FAVORITE FORM OF EXERCISE: I haven’t participated in a “form of exercise” in years. running looks like a usable skill. you never know when you may need to move from point a to point b quickly.

MY GO-TO FEEL GOOD RECIPE: Chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes and corn. Can’t tell you the recipe. My wife does all the cooking. I’m sure you could figure out the corn and the mashing of the potatoes part. Then you would just cook some chicken and combine it with dumplings. Simple.


I WROTE THIS SONG: about the need in many of us to have all the details worked out before we take a chance. When I met my wife Megan I was a young artist playing any gig I could get. I was pretty much living out of my car. I wanted to ask Megan to be my wife, but I figured she didn’t want to live in my car. When I told my mom about her I said, “As soon as I get life figured out I’m gonna ask Megan to be my wife.” Mom said, “Son, in life, if you wait to get things “figured out” before you do anything, you will never do anything.” That made sense to me, so I asked Megan to marry me. We’ve been married for over 11 years now and we’ve never had to live in my car. Perfectionism breeds procrastination. I’ve seen it over and over again in my life. Sometimes the right time to do something is right now.



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