Meet The 25 Finalists for Martin Guitar And American Songwriter’s “The Pub Deal” Contest

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American Songwriter and Martin Guitar‘s “The Pub Deal” Contest was the first of its kind, designed to award a talented and deserving songwriter a year-long $20,000 publishing contract with HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc.

Opportunity: The 2nd Annual Pub Deal. Win a $20,000, one-year Contract from Secret Road

All the entries have been carefully reviewed, discussed and narrowed down to 25 Finalists, listed below, in no particular order. With the help of Holly Williams, Dean Dillon, Martin Ambassador Mac Powell and Martin Ambassador Hunter Hayes the “Top 5” will be determined by Dec. 10 and invited to participate in an audition process with HoriPro’s staff. Click each finalist to view their Songspace profile and listen.

1.  Casey Kessel – Nashville, TN

2.  Michaela Anne – Brooklyn, NY

3.  Jesse Terry – Mamaroneck, New York

4.  Elise Davis – Nashville, TN

5.  David Micheal – Newport Beach, CA

6.  Steph Jones – Nashville, TN

7.   Leland Grant – Nashville, TN

8.  Lorna Flowers – Nashville, TN

9.  John Martin – Nashville, TN

10.  Clarensau – Wichita, KS

11.  Chad Wilson – Nashville, TN

12.  Deanna Harper – Nashville, TN

13.   Chris Davis – Irving, TX

14.  Karen Chronister – Seven Valleys, PA

15.  Garrett Williams – Midvale, UT

16.  Rob Vischer – Wabash, IN

17.  Liz Bohannon – Nashville, TN

18.  Lonnie Lee Fowler – Nashville, TN

19.  Tom McBride – Washington, D.C.

20.  Elle Maze – Smyrna, TN

21.  Matthew Alderman – Nashville, TN

22.  These United States – Denver, CO

23.  Brittany Kennell – Nashville, TN

24.  Patricia Summers – Nashville, TN

25.  James Ryan – Nashville, TN


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