deFrance Album ‘Second Wind’ Takes Americana and Turns Up The Volume


In all of the best ways, deFrance is a band that delivers on your first impressions with their music matching their looks: an Americana group that is ready to give you a rock show.

Or, in this case, a rock album. For the first time in four years the guys are releasing a new collection of tracks with ‘Second Wind.’

The name of the album is an on-the-nose reference to not only the numerical release but also the new level of enthusiasm the group has found after being on the road.

“After many years of hard work, late nights, and thousands of miles clocked on that endless highway, the band is overwhelmed to finally bring this amazing Rock ‘n Roll record to you,” Drew DeFrance said. “This goes out to the ones that have always believed in us, and to the fans/friends we haven’t made yet!

“I’m excited as all get out for this record to drop! It’s been many years in the making but definitely worth the wait.”

The 9-song album opens with straight energy anthem, “Keep The Night On It,” which debuted in early November to strong reviews. It keeps the trend going with “Angel” — which may be our favorite track on the record, as it reminds us of a jukebox tune that would blare in any honky tonk and get the crowd up.

“Runaway Heart” is likely going to be the fan favorite because it leans in pretty hard to sounding like a Tom Petty song – as does Track 5, “Stir Crazy.”

It slows down with “Midnight Lover” – not only the tonal low, but the least fun of the bunch – before coming back strong with an almost ballady “Chain,” rocking “Forever Girl,” and another slowdown to close with “I’m Blue.”

Never lost for confidence, DeFrance said this is a complete offering from his guys.

“”This album is gonna straight up slap, dig it!” he said with a, “It’s Rock ‘n Roll pure and simple. Listen loud!”

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