Robert Vincent Premieres New Track, “My Neighbour’s Ghost”

The cultural juxtaposition for Liverpudlian-but-Americana artist Robert Vincent makes for many unique takes in his tunes. His third album, In This Town You’re Owned, he continues to shine a light on culture, society, and other issues that maybe others sidestep.

With the premiere of his next track, “My Neighbour’s Ghost” he leans into the writing style of 70s commentators that influence much of his work.

“Do we sometimes take our lives for granted? Do we always live life to the full? Should we take in what is going on around us more?,” he said of the song. “There is so much we can all learn from life. “Life will take you, if you like it or if you don’t, so live it.”

On In This Town You’re Owned, he worked with BRIT (British Record Industry) Award-winning Ethan Johns, who has been an accomplished producer for his work with Paul McCartney, Kings Of Leon and Laura Marling, among others.

Throughout the new album, Vincent deals in hard truths and easy melodies, furthering the tradition of classically crafted songwriting that asks the difficult questions about everyday emotions.

There are also clear odes to Waylon Jennings and Emmylou Harris, if not also Pink Floyd and some other non-folk artists.

Vincent added that the acceptance that he finds within the music industry leads him to continue his style of writing, if not sermonizing at times, because it resonates with a message that people long for. One of truth yet based on an voice of positive change.

“It’s nice to have a family and have a home,” he said. “In itself it’s priceless — it can be quite lonely being a musician.”

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