Drift Mouth Describes Life on the Road in Latest Single, “Tennessee Highway”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Thanks to the global pandemic that is going on in the world, the touring life for the majority of musicians is on halt. Luckily, Lou Poster and the rest of Drift Mouth are here to remind everyone what life on the road is really like and in fact, it isn’t always glamorous. This tough life is described in latest single “Tennessee Highway.” 

“Tennessee Highway” was written by Poster, who actually got the idea while driving, a tactic he’s used since his early days as a delivery driver.

“I write while I’m driving,” says Poster. “I had a job at 19 picking up box trucks that were built in Buffalo, NY and I was the West Coast delivery which meant I had to drive very long distances and it was the first time I got to see the country. I usually drove from Buffalo to San Francisco, Sacramento, or LA to drop these trucks off then fly home. The trucks didn’t have radio so those days that I was by myself, I would make up songs and sing them to myself. I have carried this practice on today; if I’m in the car for more than twenty minutes at a time, I get an itch to come up with new ideas.”

Poster is also a short story writer, so this track’s lyrics are very dense and something that he has lived quite a few times while on the road.

“The song was inspired by this hotel stay I had with my girlfriend. It was so shitty and terrible that you could literally hear someone scratching their head down the hall. Over the course of several different experiences and touring these past couple of years, I was able to put together a couple of different moments that seems like it would tell that story well.”

This will not be the last you hear of Drift Mouth for 2020. The group plans on releasing a new single every month and an LP in July, giving fans something to look forward to while they’re sitting at home waiting for this storm called the coronavirus to blow over. This also means Lou and the rest of the band will also be cooped up, meaning their tour dates in Cleveland and Detroit are in jeopardy.

“If it turns into a thing where we’re not allowed to assemble and play our shows as a way to solve the coronavirus solution then that’s okay. We can still do things to promote our new music via social media.” To stay up to date on everything surrounding Drift Mouth, visit them at driftmouth.com or on Instagram @Drift.Mouth.

“Tennessee Highway” is available on streaming services everywhere today!

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