Emily West Celebrates Everyday Life in New Video for “Symphonies”

Photo by Kate Underwood

The mundane details of life aren’t always fodder for music videos, but that doesn’t mean that seemingly ordinary moments can’t make for a beautiful visual experience. For her new video for “Symphonies,” Emily West gives viewers a cinematic glimpse at a day in her life, from waking in the morning to preparing for a glammed-up performance.

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“‘Symphonies’ is shot from the perspective of my real life and me living in a world of my own,” West says. “You see both sides. There is something really beautiful about seeing the boring, sad parts. I think they are the most beautiful. Everyday life is sometimes a lot of being alone: writing a song on the toilet, buying groceries on a credit card that went through (thank God), walking home in the rain, escaping in a fantasy while twirling in my apartment, grabbing my red dress from a pile of laundry, showing up at a venue alone, doing my make up alone, walking to the stage and becoming great for a crowd, driving home and going to bed, knowing that the next day would be just like the last. Real life.”

The soaring, powerhouse song is the title track off West’s forthcoming Symphonies EP, which releases August 18.

Watch the video for “Symphonies” below.

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