Exclusive Premiere: Kinsey Rose Drops Twanged Up Anthem “Speed Of A Broken Heart”

Country singer-songwriter Kinsey Rose is calculating the “Speed Of A Broken Heart” with her new single, dividing the years spent with the time lost to equate heartbreak.

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A Season 21 contestant of NBC’s The Voice, Rose has shared her personal new song “Speed Of A Broken Heart,” a powerful tune full of a rocking twang. Ear-grabbing from the first notes, the single is set to be an anthem to the broken-hearted everywhere.

“I was heartbroken after ending a long-term relationship with someone that I cared for, for seven years,” she tells American Songwriter of the song’s beginnings. “The experience was so personal for me that when I walked into the writing session with Marcus [Hummon] and Chris [Roberts], it took just a minute of me telling them what was happening in my life before the chorus really wrote itself.”

Seven years gone that I ain’t gettin’ back, she sings in the fired-up chorus, Threw a knife at the wall just to watch it crack / It’s too late to fix, the damage is done / And you can’t resurrect the setting sun / Livin’ life at the speed of a broken heart.

“This song is healing for me,” she continues. “It’s very truthful and when I sing it, it reminds me of good times and bad times. It reminds me that through it all I can live and learn from my experiences and still move forward.”

Rose hopes the same thing for others, that the song will also help to heal those going through a similar situation. “I hope this song can be helpful to others experiencing heartache and can help inspire them to have the courage to move forward,” she says. “It’s okay to grieve, be mad, and sad, but don’t let it stop you from moving on.”

Scheduled to release everywhere on Friday (April 14), you can listen now to “Speed Of A Broken Heart” below.

Photo by Zack Knudsen / Pitch Candy PR / YouTube Cover Art by Jeremy Ryan

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