Exclusive: Tiffany Regenerates Love with “You’re My Everything,” New Video

Even in her darkest days, Tiffany always found respite in songwriting. Starting to write her own songs from her third album New Inside, following her first two albums and massive hits, “I Think We’re Along Now” and “Could’ve Been,” in the late 1980s, Tiffany redirected herself as an artist. Returning to herself once again, and reflecting on more recent tribulations, she began writing some of her most revelatory songs on her 11th album, Shadows.

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“’Shadows’ is about the light and dark of my life, the heartbreak that nobody knows about, when you’re trying to be fabulous onstage,” Tiffany tells American Songwriter. “My life has never been perfect, but maybe all those things are meant to be. And what helps me more than anything is writing songs.

Her first release since Pieces of Me in 2018, Shadows delves into personal heartaches and the retrieval of her spirit with the slow-burning “You’re My Everything,” a reminder of the regeneration of love, regardless of past burnouts.

“This song is about continuing to open your heart and seek true love even though you’ve been hurt before,” shares Tiffany, who adds that the song was inspired by the turning point in her relationship with her boyfriend. “‘You’re My Everything’ is telling someone the truth of how you feel about them, but they may not commit or feel the same.”

Filmed in black and white, the video shifts between Tiffany and natural imagery. “The video is a reflection of life, decisions, heartbreak, and hope,” she says. “Time goes on and on and sometimes things stay the same, and it’s painful emotionally.”

Working with producer Mark Alberici, Shadows outlines Tiffany’s pop and rock silhouette, from the harder cover of Rival Sons’ 2012 song, “Keep on Swinging,” and the pulsing “I Like The Rain,” through the more tender “I Love You” and smoldering “Bed of Nails,” reflecting a time when she and her boyfriend were both in the middle of divorces with other people. 

“On this album, there’s a pop base with a rock edge,” says Tiffany. “There’s a definite retro sound on songs like ‘Shadows’ and ‘Lost Inside.’ They have that punk-y ’80s Go-Gos, Blondie, Pat Benatar kinda feel with a more modern rock attitude. I want people to sing along.”

The title, a reflection of “the good and hard times of life, love and relationships, the light and the dark,” according to Tiffany, ultimately brought her back to her core of songwriting. “Songwriting has been my therapy and something I rely on when I want to escape or just have fun,” she adds. “I think it’s taught me to be more translucent and open with my personal experiences.” 

Currently producing holistic retreats under her company Let’s Zen My Friend, Tiffany has been studying Chinese medicine, meditation, and holistic living and says she’s even open to exploring more music within this realm. 

“As a songwriter [there’s a] connection that I have with my fans, new people that come into my life, and other musicians,” says Tiffany. “Songwriting really is a language. The music, the melodies, the rhythms, it speaks to people on so many different levels, to their emotions and experiences. I’m proud to be able to tell people stories in a musical form.”

Shadows Track List

1. Hey Baby
2. I Like The Rain
3. Cried For The Last Time
4. Shadows
5. I’ll Meet You Anywhere
6. Always In My Head
7. You’re My Everything
8. I Love You
9. Keep On Swinging
10. Lost Inside
11. Bed Of Nails

Photo: Jason Miller / Tell All Your Friends PR

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