Fan of Vince Gill? Here’s 4 Artists You Should Be Listening To

Vince Gill is a difficult one to find because his particular style of country music more or less lives firmly in the 1990s and early 2000s. Country music just doesn’t really sound like that anymore, and it’s evolved with the times to present completely different sentiments. However, there are still some pillars of contemporary country music who tap into the tenderness and sentimentality that Vince Gill held onto in the most recognizable eras of his career.

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In terms of style, these four artists may not totally sound like Gill, but the similarities are mostly in the songwriting and the raw emotions that each of them open themselves up to. If you’re a fan of classic Vince Gill and are looking for something similar, here are four country artists that may fit the Gill uh, bill.

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Luke Combs

While Luke Combs is a little more pop-country than Vince Gill, using stronger backing beats, drums, and more contemporary elements, he possesses a vulnerability in some of his lyrics that emulate Gill. Especially on his newest album, Fathers and Sons, which explores his feelings about being a father to two boys. Vince Gill often writes and sings with tenderness and sentimentality in songs like “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away” and “I Still Believe In You.” Combs has that same approach to a lot of his music, and goes into writing and performing with his whole heart.

Brett Young

Between Vince Gill and Brett Young, there are smooth vocals and sentimentality. Songs like Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” strikes a similar chord with Luke Combs in that the lyrics are tender and often full of heart. Vocally, Young hits closer to Gill’s dreamy register in the fact that his voice is smooth and his delivery solid. As noted earlier, no one can really match Vince Gill note for note much anymore that we can find in the country sphere, but there are still men out there willing to get emotional, and that’s a lot of what Gill embodied.

Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson’s “The Painter” comes to mind when comparing him to Vince Gill. Johnson explicitly wrote this song for his wife, and the love is evident in the lyrics and delivery. Johnson’s vocal register is much lower than Gill’s, but there’s something in his often simple instrumentation that echoes Gill as well. Johnson mostly employs guitar, fiddle, and simple backing beats in the majority of his music, and Gill curated similar instrumentation in his early work.


Finally, ERNEST is more of an ultra-contemporary take on a Vince Gill comparison. While he often collaborates with Morgan Wallen, their sounds are usually at odds, which is an interesting observation for another time. However, ERNEST’s recent album Nashville, Tennessee, at times takes a slower, more sentimental turn reminiscent of Gill. As with the others, his voice is smooth and his lyrics emotional, which is the basic blueprint for a Vince Gill comparison.

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