Galaxy Audio GPS-8 review


If you lead any type of band, whether it’s a duo, trio or more, you are usually in charge of bringing the PA system. You probably also have to answer to the other band members’ comments about not being able to hear a good mix because there’s only one monitor, and it’s positioned up front near the singer. Or maybe you’re a solo artist who plays in a small coffeehouse and don’t really need a large setup. Either way, wouldn’t it be great if you had a speaker that didn’t weigh a ton and delivered great sound? The Galaxy Audio GPS-8 fits the bill.

The GPS-8 is a powered 8” speaker, delivering up to 200 watts and a nice full sound. We tested the unit in multiple scenarios- as a floor monitor for an acoustic duo, a trio with percussion and as a drum monitor. In each case, the GPS-8 did not let the performers down. Setting the volume level on the back of the unit between 12 and 1 o’clock seemed to be the sweet spot. Comments from the musicians ranged from “wow that sounds really great” to “My voice sounds so clear coming out of this monitor!” We even used the GPS-8 as a main PA speaker facing towards an audience in a small listening room venue and it did its job well. The Bass Boost feature on the back control panel helps to enhance the low end. The GPS-8 works well with a 4-piece band (guitar, bass, drums and vocals), though if it’s a very loud band or crowd it might not rise above the venue noise. But that’s admittedly not the main use for this unit.

The GPS-8’s unique asymmetrical shape allows for wedge placement or pole mounting, with a carry handle on the side and an indent for gripping from the top. Additional units can be linked via XLR-M pass through jack. Other features of GPS-8 include: Built in limiter, lighted power switch, universal power supply and a lightweight, durable, compact, attractive housing. Four M8 threaded suspension points are accessible for permanent mounting of the unit.

If you’re looking to save space on stage and ease your load-in and setup, and not sacrifice your performance with a bad sound mix, the Galaxy GPS-8 just might do the trick for you. Your back and wallet will also thank you.

Street Price

GPS-8 – $199.99

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