Gear Review: McPherson Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars

Carbon fiber acoustic/electric guitars aren’t for everyone, but many artists like Brantley Gilbert tour with them for their dependability in all climates. McPherson guitars out of Sparta, Wisconsin has a strong reputation as a small boutique guitar builder of high-end exotic wood guitars. In 2014 McPherson launched their first carbon fiber acoustic with the popular Kevin Michael travel guitar series, later renamed a Touring guitar. The full-size Sable carbon fiber acoustic/electric was released in 2016 and was also embraced by the guitar-playing public. Eventually, the line was rebranded as part of McPherson and there it has remained along with their much more expensive wood-crafted instruments. 

For 2022, McPherson guitars have decided to upgrade their carbon fibers again and offer some a new top option.

Key features of the McPherson Carbon Fiber redesign for the Touring and Sable models include:

Inlayed McPherson logo on the headstock, mother of pearl wave inlay at the 12th fret, and a new Camo soundboard option, blackout fretboard (no dots), and EVO frets.

The build and construction of these instruments are stellar as they have a full carbon fiber back, sides, top, and neck. The neck is cantilevered, which separates it from the top of the body and gives you a bit more play in the string action. Offset soundhole makes it easier to hear what you’re playing also.

The sound quality unplugged is smooth and full on both guitars. Electronics are provided by L.R. Baggs element pickup system affording a wide selection of tone options with the volume and tone controls inside of the soundhole for easy adjustments.

Hardware on the McPherson carbon fibers is provided by Gotoh 510 guitar tuners available in black or gold finish. The nut and saddle are made of composite for stability. Also, the new EVO frets have been Pleked for precise fret leveling.


McPherson makes incredible guitars and these new carbon fiber guitars can handle any temperature and climate and still play great. Also, they look and sound great. They can handle your songwriting and touring needs.


Both are still a bit pricey for some players with the Touring at $2,899 MSRP and the Sable at $3,499 MSRP.


If you’re in the market for a carbon fiber McPherson makes two well-crafted models worth consideration. The company continually evolves and fine-tunes this line to make it the best.  Playability and sound quality plugged in and unplugged are superior. The new upgrades for 2022 make both instruments look classy and sleek and they come with a custom Reunion Blues gig bag.

See McPherson Guitars HERE.

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