Google Music Leaks On Android

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Google Music has been rumored to be getting very close to a launching stage for some time.

There’s already been a leaked version of a Google Music service with cloud and streaming functionality for Google’s tablet operating system, Honeycomb.

Now, a writer from Tech From 10 has uncovered details about an Android smartphone OS version of Google Music.

When the writer recently tried to update apps on his Android smartphone, his Android Market (the equivalent of Apple’s App Store) turned into a test version of Market for developers.

In addition to noticing a new rating system for apps, he also saw a new music app, which contained the Google Music cloud service, though he wasn’t able to log in.

This latest information breach comes as Google and Apple try to secure licenses for their cloud lockers and music streaming services. Just last week, Amazon slipped under the tech world’s radar and beat both Google and Apple to the cloud with their Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, effectively appropriating the “cloud” terminology for users who were previously unfamiliar with it.

In an informative piece on Hypebot, the music tech blog says Google and Apple should be worried about Amazon. With Amazon already leading the cloud pack and with two leaks already of the Google music app, one suspects that Google is getting close to officially launching their music products.


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  1. It still needs work, but this latest music app is a good sign of things to come. Best of all, it responds to Voice Commands for accessing your on-phone music library. For example, saying “Listen to Bruce Springsteen” starts up a random Springsteen track while also providing the specific “Artists” link to the rest of his songs. Presumably, this function will also apply to streaming songs from your Google Music cloud library.

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