Harris Breyfogle Shares Unique Timeline on New Album, ‘Complexus’

Some of the best music is created when artists and songwriters live the stories they write on paper. For Virginia native Harris Breyfogle, he is giving fans an inside look at a past relationship in newest album ‘Complexus.’

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Sometimes the stories can be of happy times and other times it can have more of a somber tone. For these tracks with a more somber tone, writing it down and singing it to crowds of people that may be going through a similar situation makes it a very healing practice. 

This full-length record is ultimately a timeline of what could have been. These types of songs come with lots of acceptance and opening up, which served well for Breyfogle.

“’Complexus’ is my most extensive project to date and something that I’ve been working on for a very long time” says Breyfogle. “When you make an album, you’re choosing to tell a story, share a piece of mind, and expose parts of your heart.”

Songs like “Angela” and “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You” are just two of nine songs that reveal the stages of Breyfogle’s pain and suffering to eventually gratefulness. “This is a journey with a definitive beginning, middle, and end. It begins as I sit down, pour a drink, and fall into thought over my recent heartbreak—the overarching theme of the album. It moves chronologically through loss, fear, peace, regret, revenge, introspection, anger and eventually—appreciation for having felt and received love.” Through these nine stages of healing, Breyfogle is able to give fans a certain relatability that makes them feel like it’s their song and not his:

“To me, the biggest commonality across popular music is lyrics that tug at the heart strings and are relatable to what we’ve all felt. The lyrics tell you what I’m thinking emotionally, while the guitar solos show you how I felt them—whether it’s breeding anger or forgiveness. The piano breaks down and absorbs the listeners. All the instrumental elements play a fundamental part in the album’s journey—just like the feelings I felt that led to acceptance. That is what complexus means to me.”

Breyfogle will be showcasing this new batch of songs throughout 2020 as he goes out on the road. To stay up to date on Harris Breyfogle and other new music, visit him on Instagram (@Harris_Breyfogle) and Twitter (@HARRISBREYFOGLE).

‘Complexus’ is available on streaming sites everywhere today!

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