Lockwood Barr Brings Attention to Love and Addiction in New Single, ‘Helluva Habit’

Country-folk singer Lockwood Barr has released her new single, “Helluva Habit,” which she co-wrote with Jamey Perrenot, Andi Renfree. Listen to the words carefully because this song includes powerful lyrics that dive into the addiction of love.

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“When I first got onto the Nashville music scene, I truthfully didn’t understand the concept of co-writing.  It seemed to me like an easy way out for a writer, a way to avoid the full artistic process of completing a song, of lamenting over every last lyric and melodic turn. But somewhere along the way, I drank the Kool Aid.  Now, co-writing feeds my soul, and it’s ability to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge the way I communicate never ceases to amaze me. It’s also fun.”

Sometimes all it takes is some good people, passion and a few drinks to create something incredible in the studio.

“Writing “Helluva Habit” was no different.  When Andi, Jamey and I sat down to write it, we were in Jamey’s studio, which honestly has started to feel like a second living room over the past year of working and writing there. All three of us kicked our feet up, poured some coffee (and eventually a little bourbon), and started shooting the shit. Somewhere in between the storytelling and joking, Andi pulled out the title “Helluva Habit,” and just like that, we dove down the rabbit hole. The lyrics came quickly, but the odd changes in chord progressions were a labor of love. I’m not sure we even knew what we had until later in the week, when all three of us realized we had it stuck in our heads.”

Lockwood told American Songwriter why she is so passionate about this new song. It wasn’t easy for her to choose just one thing that she liked best about it.

“There is so much about this song that I love. I love the delicate dance of the lyrics as much as I love the strange turns in the chord progressions.  Lyrics vary in all my songs; sometimes I write a true anecdote, or in the words of Loretta Lynn, I ‘tell the dadgum story.’ Other times, I write a poem, full of metaphors, allegories and strange imagery. It depends on everything from the subject matter to my mood on that particular day.  For me, this song definitely falls under the poem category, and I hope that lyrical style allows it to connect to listeners across the spectrum.” 

Lockwood has always found herself in the music scene with her parents both being musicians and now she gets to use her talent to help others. Even though her talent has taken her to new heights such as winning an Independent Country Music Association award.

And working with award-winning producers, Lockwood’s life is not all about stepping into the limelight.

After losing a childhood friend, she became an advocate for suicide prevention. She was a part of a petition that fought for the building of preventative suicide barrier along the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The plans to build this barrier have been approved for 2021.

Lockwood has been able to use her voice both in her daily life and in her music to fight for those who are struggling. Her new song is a great example of this.

“I think it specifies enough about addiction (and the addiction of being in love) to hit hard for those with personal experience, while leaving enough space for anyone to insert their own stories. Addiction and falling in love are both experiences that can feel manic, causing a person to feel out of control, and that’s what ‘Helluva Habit’ focuses on.”

“Helluva habit” is available now down below:

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