Jodi Valentin Is Happy To Embrace “Hindsight” on New Single

Jodi Valentin finds that “‘Hindsight’ is better than foresight” in new single

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In preparation for her upcoming EP, Jodi Valentin is releasing her new single, “Hindsight,” which she wrote with her friend, Jamison Fox.

“It was actually our first time working together, even though we’ve known each other for many years. I remember sitting at her home studio keyboard and the song just pouring out of us. We really made sure every lyric was truthful. It was one of those songs that felt like it wrote itself.”

Valentin and Fox most definitely achieved their goal. The song contains lyrics that are honest, real and relatable for so many people. Listening to this song will give you the strength to continue pushing through the tough times in life to find the best version of yourself.

“When people listen to ‘Hindsight,’ I’m hoping it will help them heal through any past or current pains of letting go of someone. Interestingly enough, writing it was actually pretty pivotal in my own emotional healing and helped me walk away from a relationship that wasn’t right for me. The bridge lyrics are my favorite: ‘sometimes you gotta say goodbye, sometimes you gotta change your mind, sometimes what’s best don’t feel right at all.’

Like many of us, when pursuing something that seems to be so far away, all we have is hope that we will find a way to reach it one day. This feeling is similar to the message that Valentin is trying to convey in this single.

“Sometimes looking into the future can seem really scary, and it can even feel like you’re never going to recover from certain losses. When I wrote ‘Hindsight,’ I was really unsure about what my future looked like and actually wrote it from a place of hope and optimism. I really wanted to believe that letting go was going to be the best thing for me. Now I can actually say, a year later, ‘hindsight is better than foresight.’”

In order to be in touch with more of her listeners, Valentin has expanded her social presence to TikTok. On this app, she can share even more of her music, including “Hindsight,” and her followers can help bring the song to life.

“I’m hoping people will create fall themed videos for it because the opening line is ‘it was late September and the leaves were changing color overnight, driving down the backroads thinking I could be with you for life.’ I can also imagine TikTokers using the song to empower people to walk away from relationships if they don’t feel right. I truly believe the right person is out there! Just like Dory says, ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming.’”

Listen to “Hindsight” here:

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