How Songwriters Can Find Musicians To Collaborate On Their Songs

Music has always been about collaboration. Some people have a way with words, while others have the skills to play one or more instruments. And there are still others who have a knack for putting it all together and creating something seamless. While there are a handful of geniuses that can do all the above, the fact is that collaboration is necessary to create good music almost all the time.

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As a songwriter, that reality has already dawned on you but, like many of your peers, you have probably been left wondering where to find recording studios near you or musicians to help bring your songs to life. Truth be told, it is rather easy to find a willing music collaborator by simply hopping online. However, finding professional and qualified musicians, who know what they are doing and who you can probably even learn from, will likely take a bit more research…and money. It is even harder if you reside in an area that is not known for producing musicians or live in a remote location. Unless, of course, you are among the songwriters who have been using the services of Tunedly – the online recording studio that has progressively been making strides in the area of music collaboration online (more on Tunedly later).

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With that said, how can you find suitable musicians to collaborate with, and who will do your songs justice? Try the following tips:

– Go old school and look for a physical recording studio near you.

Going to the studio is not only for recording artists. With physical studios being spots where session musicians go to ply their trade, it is possible for you to connect with talent who may be willing to work with you as well. Depending on the types of musicians you are looking for, you may need to find out ahead of time, which players come in at what time and how you can meet with them. You may also ask at the studio (an engineer or music producer, for example) to be referred to musicians they know who may be interested in connecting with you to at least hear about your project.

– Place an ad

Advertising for musicians still works as well, because there are many who are looking to get hired. You can place ads online using social media, music forums, Craigslist, or even on your website if you have one. You may also create physical ads, such as a flyer or handwritten note that can be placed on community notice boards or left at local studios, bars, or music stores. For ads, make sure you are specific about the exact type of talent you are looking for, such as the genre and instruments of choice.

– Find a local band

Depending on your location, there might be local bands around, or in a town nearby, who might be willing to play on your song. If you don’t know any of these bands off the top of your head, you can do several things. You could check the music or entertainment section of your local newspaper to see if there are any events happening nearby that will feature a local band. You may also ask around among fellow songwriters or friends who know people who are into music. The music community is based on relationships, so you are bound to get a few names, simply by asking your network.

– Start your own band

Perhaps the caliber of local bands are not up to the standards you are looking for, or maybe they are into a different style of music. Whatever the case, if you happen to have a few friends or associates who have music skills, you could consider starting your own band. Many bands got started as a coming together of friends trying to create a sound that they were not hearing anywhere else, so you could be onto something.

– Go out and meet musicians

Spending time to check out bands and individual musicians at local concerts and bar gigs can also help you find collaborators. In fact, this is a great way to start growing your musical network while socializing. There are many newbie and budding musicians who might just relish the opportunity to meet other creative minds while on the road. Some are always on the lookout for someone new they can sit down with and create new music, especially if they are pretty much in the same class as you as it relates to achievements in the music business. All you often need is a way to introduce yourself and a good conversation starter, so it can be known that you are a fellow music creator and that you would be interested in working together sometime in the future. Of course, the musicians you meet should be into the same music as you, or at least into sounds you might be interested in trying out.

– Research platforms that allow you to collaborate online

And now, we get to the option that is most ideal for songwriters who have full-time jobs or simply don’t want to go to physical studios or connect in-person. Even if you do have the connections, you can still try online collaboration if you want a quick and easy way to explore working with new talent to get different ideas and sounds. With that said, Tunedly is a major player in the area of online collaboration, and the go-to professional platform catering to the needs of songwriters. Using Tunedly for you your music production needs removes the hassle of trying to find “recording studios near me” and easily connects you with experienced session musicians, producers, music engineers, and singers. On top of that, you can also access music publishing services through its unique song plugging service.

Conclusion: Finding the right musicians to collaborate with can make a world of difference as to whether you wind up with a great recording or one that is below standard. Whatever you do, be sure to carry out due diligence so you get the best results.

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