Re-Imagining the Online Music Recording Studio Experience with Tunedly


The following article is presented by Tunedly

Ever thought of utilizing an online music recording studio? Maybe you have used one already and either had a great or not so good experience. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that online studios have a place in the music industry and are of growing importance.

One online studio in particular, Tunedly, is helping to redefine the music production landscape. It is a next-generation platform that brings together all the essential components needed for a professional recording. Through Tunedly, music creators are now able to collaborate live with professional musicians, singers and engineers, making it possible to have their songs produced without the need to assemble a full band on their own or visit a physical studio.

The new trend of producing music online is definitely making things a bit easier for many songwriters who are struggling to make ends meet from the output of their music careers. According to an article, put forward by the International Songwriters Association, that figure could be as high as 95%.

Still, the model of the online music recording studio is not without its own challenges and setbacks. So how do you choose the right one that will give you the best chance of success? And how does Tunedly stack up against other choices? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Affordability and Quality of Services

Know beforehand that most times you get what you pay for, so the cheapest might not be the best option. At the same time, the most expensive may not deliver the most ‘bang for your buck.’ When choosing an online music recording studio, you want to weigh your options to see which one is offering the best value proposition. What is the level of talent available, as it relates to session musicians and singers, and the experience of the production team?

Do these professionals have online profiles that describe their training and who they have collaborated with? Are there samples of their work that you can listen to? In addition, you want to look at what you’re really getting for your money. What are the main features? Is there a wide variety of musicians and services to suit the different sounds you might want to create for separate projects? How about customer support? With some sites, you simply sign up, pay for the service, submit your files, and wait…

Not so with Tunedly. First of all, the website encourages interaction and collaboration, which are necessary for making music of quality in the modern world. It offers a streamlined process that continues to add value from the moment you initiate a project to the time it is delivered, and even afterwards.

Furthermore, there are many added benefits to be gained from associating with Tunedly. For instance, there is a real shot at getting some exposure. Of course, nothing is guaranteed but the more chances you have to share your music, the greater the possibility that your work might just get discovered.

Finally, the company adds value to the music creation process by ensuring you don’t lose the rights to your songs. All services are offered as work for hire agreements. This is not the case with many other online music studios.

  • Relevant Features

Every online music recording studio will come with its own set of features. Being feature-heavy doesn’t necessarily mean the best choice; it comes down to how much of a platform’s features you will actually use and how they contribute to an overall great experience for you. When it comes on to making music, music creators want features that complement their music knowledge while allowing them to get the best finished product possible.

For instance, there are some musicians who have a fair amount of knowledge about recording instruments and vocals and might only need help with mixing and mastering to create the final product. On the other hand, there are song lyricists who may need assistance with understanding each level of putting their words to songs and require more website features to find their way around.

With that being said, Tunedly is designed to meet the needs of all levels of music creators, whether you are a pro, who just needs to tweak a rough recording, or a total newbie who wants to explore the process of how to make your own song; or somewhere in between. If you’re in search of an online music recording studio, be sure to do some research so you don’t end up throwing money at a platform that doesn’t have features relevant to your needs.

  • Industry Track Record

A record of performance takes time to build but any company that intends to be around for some time in the future will do what it takes. This includes coming up with innovative ways to meet the varied needs of musicians, going above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied with their work, and helping to create opportunities for their works to be recognized. Companies that excel in these areas are able to show their performance via social proof, as well as being endorsed by other industry authorities.

As it relates to Tunedly, the platform didn’t just appear out of nowhere. It was being tested for years in the form of another platform, while data was collected to help determine how to fill some of the shortfalls and deterrents music creators often face when trying to make music online. As a result, the platform has built up a track record of performance, assisting hundreds of lyricists, songwriters, and musicians all around the world. Its approach has also been hailed by leading industry brands, including Forbes, Hypebot, CBC, and Music Connection, among others.

  • Giving You Freedom to Express Creativity

Self-expression is something that all creative minded individuals crave. But the traditional methods of producing music often take that freedom away. The resulting projects often lack the signature touch of the musician, unless it was created from scratch by him or her, which is not very likely for a professionally-recorded song. This is something that Tunedly has sought to address from the beginning and why it has a growing reputation as a haven for music creators, who are looking for a more inclusive and immersive way of making music.

It is increasingly becoming known as a platform that is serious about putting the power of creative expression back into the hands of musicians everywhere. It is able to do this by eliminating the financial and physical barriers for people, who have music inside of them, but are often overcome by the process of music production and the associated costs.

With its live, collaborative platform providing access to the world’s best musicians in real time, songwriters and other music creators can create music more easily and fearlessly than ever before. What’s more, Tunedly allows anyone to have a shot at exposure by making it possible to create stunning public profiles with a free EPK that can easily be shared.


The times have changed and the restraints of the physical recording studio, which have pigeon-holed many aspiring songwriters, are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Online music recording studios are slowly ushering in a new era in music production and Tunedly is leading the charge for change in the areas of innovation and ease of use.

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