Claire Wright Gives You The Friday Escape Feels on “I Could Use a Beach”

California country singer-songwriter emanates sunshine on her escape-inducing single, “I Could Use A Beach.”

Splitting time between Music City and a camper in Southern California, Wright offers a refreshing approach to both songwriting communities. She describes her lyrical enlightenment as “audible sunshine.”

Her goals with the release are, first and foremost,  to be respectful of the current climate. While acknowledging the heartache this year brought to so many, she further considered her new track’s timeliness. She firmly believes there is “no wrong time to release the right song.”

This song, which she co-wrote with Ben Glover and Colby Wedgeworth and produced by Jimmy Robbins and Eric Arjes, is the product of shared commiseration during a mid-week, worn-down day when each of them needed a break. Given the last several months, the artist feels this sentiment extends beyond the writer’s room. The simplistic lyrical approach bears a tangible longing. Bright pop-leaning production illuminates the darkness of isolation, distress, and divisiveness.

“My mission in life is to spread life and love,” the artist says. “If this song can provide the listener with a much-needed escape, even just for three minutes, then I will feel that I’ve played my part.”

Wright’s road to Nashville was paved with gut-led decisions and a deep-rooted desire to perform. The Northern California native describes the demographic as equally split between “Hippies and Rednecks. Sonically, she lands somewhere between the two. She recalls the first time she heard Bob Marley while visiting her grandmother in Santa Cruz.

“I’ve always remembered that moment,” she says. “His ability to change an atmosphere with just one song is very attractive to me”

Drawing continual influence from the West Coast, she laughs that she might be the only reggae-country singer in Nashville. The crossover feels natural to the artist who finds a home in both genres. Following high school, she headed south, landing at 17th Street Recordings. Soon, trips to Nashville became more frequent. Upon arrival, Wright aligned with the city in a way she hadn’t imagined.

“On my first writing trip, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve been writing country music my whole life and had no idea,” she laughs.

 Lyrically, her creative wellspring is autobiographical. Authenticity beams through her storytelling, balancing feel-good with raw emotion. As for what’s next, Wright shares that listeners can expect more songs and video content leading into the new year. Following this release, Wright hopes to continue to shed light through her own music, leveraging that talent to hopefully write for other artists in town.

“Long story short, or maybe short story long, here I am sans the record deal that led me to where I was supposed to be, plus a bevy of songs I couldn’t be more proud of and a badass team in my corner,” says Wright. “And so the story continues.”

Listen to “I Could Use A Beach,” Claire Wrights’ debut track with Universal Music Publishing Group, here.

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