Virginia Folk Songwriter Ian Randall Thornton Goes Lo-Fi In New Track From Forthcoming Debut Album


Photo by Lauren Stonestreet
Photo by Lauren Stonestreet

Virginia songwriter Ian Randall Thornton makes inventive, rock-influenced folk songs with big, heady messages. On the first single, “Who Are We,” off his forthcoming debut album Lineage, Thornton explores one of the biggest themes of all: where we come from. Now, he’s shared another new tune from the project, the lush-yet-spare lament “Do You Rise.”

“‘Do You Rise’ sneaked its way onto my new album Lineage almost against my will,” Thornton says. “I self recorded a more lo-fi project simultaneously to this one, to explore different styles of songwriting and production. My songs are typically very concrete in the way they clearly communicate an idea or feeling through honest lyrics, but the goal of this side project was to communicate more through tone and musical landscape than words themselves.”

Lineage is out August 25. Listen to “Do You Rise” below.

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