Adeline Chats Latest Solo Release Interimes and What She Has Learned Along The Way

Riding her soulful, funky wave, sultry vocalist and bassist Adeline adapts her music on her sophomore release incorporating skills she picked up while being a touring member of the CeeLo Green band.

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Intérimes will be out out July 10 and follows the singer-songwriter’s self-titled debut in 2018.  Intérimes also marks the second release since parting ways with New York disco outfit Escort, who she completed two records with. 

After analyzing her time with Escort and CeeLo Green, Adeline said she has learned a great deal and has found new values in music, especially from working with CeeLo, which encouraged her to immerse herself as a listener with more music and to appreciate each and every person involved in a show. 

“I have learned so much, one of the things I value the most is finding out which artists my peers listen to,” Adeline told American Songwriter. “I learned about entertaining a crowd from watching CeeLo’s incredible crowd command and about playing while smiling from watching my girl Brittani Washington slay on the drums. It’s endless and every single person from the star of the show to the monitor person has so much to teach me.”

“To be fully honest I think that another thing I have learned is, that I absolutely love playing for other artists but my happiest place is being front-stage playing my own music,” she added.

Adeline’s solo material had been deemed as soul and funk by press and reviewers and is a label she agrees with and recalls on her latest singles “Twilight” and “Middle”.

“Twilight” was debuted live on CBS This Morning on April 4 and commemorates the highlighting sounds and styles of R&B, soul and funk with bottoming bass lines, sinuous vocals and suave personality. Another album single, “Middle”, was featured in the fall fashion campaign for designer Victor Glemaud in which Adeline also modeled.

Both singles outline Adeline’s vocal capabilities and serve as a showcase of her talent.  And though she is already an established, well-rounded singer, she is always looking for ways to take her vocals to the next level. 

“I have been working a lot on developing that side of my songwriting, the side that thinks about the singer and not just the song,” Adeline said. “Right before I started working on this new EP, I realized that I had at times sort of forgotten about the singer in me when creating music. I was more focused on developing my style as a producer and songwriter. Once I felt a little bit more comfortable with those areas I realized, now I have to actually sell the song, because people will listen to my voice first.”

“CeeLo said that a song ‘should fit like an article of clothing,’” she recalled. “That resonated with me so much, I remember claiming that ‘if I don’t sound great singing it then it’s not right and we have to write something different’.  That’s what I focus on now. I don’t know if I ever think about ‘showing off’ but I need to be able to perform the song the best and truest way possible.”

You can catch some of her new material today on American Songwriter, but should definitely consider peeping her debut record as well for a fresh dive into some authentic funk and R&B music that will feed your soul. 

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