Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor Just Released a Holiday Themed Song, “Wrap Me Up”

Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor are certainly feeling the holiday spirit in their funny and festive new song, “Wrap Me Up.” It may be the perfect gift for couples struggling to buy for their significant others. The song dropped today, November 17, just in time for the holiday season.

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The Tonight Show host has been known to strike a tune, and this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to Christmas music. He previously released the pandemic-themed “It Was A…(Masked Christmas).” which featured Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion. In a press release by NBC, Fallon opened up about his love of the holiday season.

“If you know me, you know that I love the holidays. I love holiday music, and if it were up to me, I would listen to ‘Jingle Bells’ in August,” Fallon said. “I’ve always wanted to do something with Meghan Trainor. She’s a friend of the show, she’s an amazing performer, songwriter, and she said, ‘Yeah, I’d be down to do something with you. What ideas do you have, for like a holiday song?'” 

Together, Fallon and Trainor created a holiday song that celebrates love, infatuation, and those looking to save a buck this Christmas. The theme of the song should be clear; someone offering themselves as a gift to their significant other for the holiday season. It’s seductive, money-pinching, and most of all, it’s catchy.

In the delightfully playful chorus, Fallon and Trainor sing: C’mon wrap me up / in your arms this Christmas / Wrap me up / You don’t need a wishlist / Wrap me up / It’s like Christmas magic / Wrap me up / I’m the whole damn package.

Fallon admitted that Trainor came up with the idea, twisting his original proposal about wrapping presents into a new beast.

“I get a call from Meghan. And she goes, ‘Hey, I took your idea, and instead of ‘Wrap It Up,’ I made it into ‘Wrap Me Up,’ like I’m the gift,” Fallon said, “She played me this song, and let me tell you something, she can sing. This song is a bop. This song is a banger. This song eats. This song slaps. This song’s a Christmas banger!” 

It’s possible that the song may appear on Fallon’s eventual Christmas album. In an interview with Billboard, he admitted that he’s been workshopping the project. “I’ve been working on one for a couple of years. It’s silly, there’s comedy songs, there’s traditional songs on there, there’s a couple of duets. It should be a good mix.”

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