Justin Osborne, Christina Cone Release Amazing Version of “Weather Balloons”

Earlier this year, during a tour featuring SUSTO and Frances Cone, two members — Justin Osborne and Christina Cone — became close friends while on the road. While it is a common occurrence for touring partners to join one another over the course of the grind, it is uncommon is for a beautiful rendition of a track to blossom.

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Fortunately for fans the pair chose to take their roadshow magic of “Weather Balloons” and capture it on video, which can be seen below.

Osborne told American Songwriter that the friendship was organic and that the collaboration grew with that friendship.

“Christina Cone and I had never met before touring together earlier this year, but once we began spending time with each other it was clear that we had a lot more in common than either of us knew,” he said. “We were both raised in religious households, which ultimately led us both to music, but what’s even crazier was discovering  that we had actually lived in the same towns and gone to the same elementary school! So there was a lot to bond over from the start.

“After a long tour, Christina and her partner Andy began to feel like family. The road has a wonderful way of bringing people together and creating experiences that form lifelong friendships. I’m thankful for all the time we’ve spent on the road this year with Frances Cone, and thankful we were able to record a special version of our song ‘Weather Balloons’ that featured Christina as a guest vocalist. Shortly after the release of that track, Christina came down to Charleston to perform with us for 2 nights in our mutual home town. While she was around, we were able to get access to a beautiful old church downtown and do this special version of ‘Weather Balloons,’ it all kind of felt like a full circle moment; we have spent many hours discussing our experiences growing up in church and finding music there, so it was fun and a bit surreal to go back to church for this performance.”

Typically known for their indie-rock style, this version breaks expectations with the simplicity of a piano and two stunning voices forming one of the best tracks of the year.

Osbourne leads the way with painfully relatable vocals while Cone fills in every gap with a magnetic, soulful energy.

It is truly a track that needs to be shared.

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