Kathleen Grace Releases “Everywhere” in Advance of Album With Grammy-Nominated Pianist Larry Goldings

It is said that surrounding yourself with successful people can lead to great success. Not only do they have the experience, but they are generally willing to share what it really takes to get to the level they’re at. For Kathleen Grace, soaking in as much knowledge as possible was essential when working with Grammy-nominated Jazz pianist Larry Goldings.

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The two created a collaborative album ‘Tie Me To You,’ that is set to release April 17th.

This announcement came on February 10th, right before her release of the “Where or When,” the first single off the new record. The creation of “Where or When” and every other song on this record was a somewhat easy process, considering how well Grace and Goldings worked together.

“Making an album with Larry was easy, so beautifully easy, we had the same goals and values. We just wanted to trust what happened live in the studio and not give a fuck about what world that music belonged in. I sent this song to Larry and he liked it. It was the first song I had Gabe Witcher play on. I was in tears in the studio when he played.”

Now, she is releasing “Everywhere” in support of the forthcoming effort. 

“‘Everywhere’ is about spring,” she said. “I wrote the song at this same time of year in 2017. I have a little bungalow in Mt. Washington with a very small garden that I don’t tend very well, so the grass grows high and messy after it rains. It was year the drought broke and everything was finally florescent green, I was falling in love, and the earth seemed to be screaming all my feelings for me.”

This carefree attitude pertaining to fitting a genre mold is often best because it allows artists like Grace to pour her emotions out into her lyrics and the creation, so much so that it doesn’t matter what other people’s opinions are.

“I was at a place in my life where I finally and fully didn’t care what anyone thought. I was just trying to survive a love and loss bigger than I could really conceive of at the time. I sort of hit pause, sang for a while with Larry and let myself be whatever it needed to be.”

With 2020 not starting off too hot for a plethora of reasons, there’s lots of uncertainty surrounding everyone, including Grace.

“Things at this time in 2020 are wild and uncertain for everyone. My plans involve being in nature more and doing what I can for the musicians in my life that are struggling. I continue to play and write and I’m halfway through recording a new album of all original music with a full band.”

A lot of musicians are struggling and to help ease their minds, Band Camp has helped Grace and other musicians by waving all fees, meaning that artists get 100% of sales that includes pre-orders. To find Grace on Band Camp, visit her on kathleengrace.bandcamp.com. For other news surrounding her, follow her on Instagram @KathleenGraces.

‘Tie Me To You’ is available on streaming sites everywhere April 17th.


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