L.R. Baggs M1


LIST PRICE: $199.00
Website: http://www.lrbaggs.com/

The L.R. Baggs Company continues to impress guitarists with their innovation, design and superior products. It’s obvious why artists like Paul Simon, Fiest and Brandi Carlile endorse their gear. The M1 continues their quest for excellence with its exclusive TriAxial Dynamic Technology and sleek look. For those who don’t know how the TriAxial Dynamic works, it’s like having two pickups in your soundhole, both combined are set up to balance the sound coming not only from the strings, but the body of the guitar as well. I know, it sounds complicated, but from the moment you plug the guitar cable in, you’ll notice the difference. Installation was easy once I figured out how to adjust the lips to slide into the soundhole. The M1 comes with a 12’ Mogami cable for temporary set-up and a Strapjack installation for a permanent solution to the cable hanging out of the soundhole aesthetic.


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