LA Singer-Songwriter Emma Taylor Puts a Spin on Sad Girl Music With New Single “Makeup”

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23-year-old artist Emma Taylor is a self-proclaimed “sad girl” and she owns it. Her 70’s singer-songwriter influences inspire her to emphasize the story behind the song while applying her own modern melodies and twists. Surpassing more than one million cumulative streams on her music, Emma hopes to captivate audiences by creating a space of emotional vulnerability.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Emma has been singing for as long as she can remember. “I usually find inspiration from my surroundings or from personal experience. I typically write about 20-year-old stuff: love, confusion, finding yourself… universality is so important.” Emma’s biggest inspirations are some of the greats including singer-songwriters Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Carole King.

Emma’s music has been featured on Spotify playlists including “UK Top 50 Viral Charts” and Apple Music’s “Acoustic Chill”.

Her newest single “Makeup” is, quite bluntly, a self sabotaging break-up song. It’s a response to that nagging feeling you get when things are too good to be true. Riddled with self doubt and insecurity, you cut off the relationship before it can bloom into something deep and vulnerable. You believe you are setting your partner free from your baggage, which seems to follow you wherever you go. It’s an attempt to control life so that it can’t hurt you again.

Taylor wrote the song alongside longtime friend and writer Emily Laliotis. It was produced by frequent collaborator Adrian Cota who Taylor describes as being “the most talented person I know and truly understands my sound and artistry more than anyone”.

The music video is equally as compelling as the track and helps bring the emotion and vulnerability behind the song to life. Click HERE to watch the music video and HERE to listen to “Makeup”.


Following already released tracks “Made Your Bed” and “Why Can’t I Stop Loving You“,  “Makeup” continues to build Emma‘s story to her upcoming anticipated EP later this year. 

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