The Libertines Unveil “Gunga Din,” Their First Song In 11 Years

photo courtesy Universal Music

“What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
— Only the monstrous anger of the guns.”

So begins English poet Wilfred Owen’s “Anthem for Doomed Youth,” which now shares its title with the first Libertines album in eleven years. Set to release September 4, Anthems For Doomed Youth is the group’s first record since 2004’s self-titled and their 2002 debut “Up the Bracket.”

“It’s not us repeating ourselves, that’s for sure,” co-frontman Carl Barât said. “We’ve definitely moved on.”

And they have. Pete Doherty, whose widely publicized addictions contributed to the band’s breakup, checked himself into Hope Rehab Center in Thailand last year and is now interested in raising funds to help others do the same. Anthems is the band’s first album since its reformation in 2010, and it features all new tracks, excepting “You’re My Waterloo,” which has been circulating online for a few years.

“People are going to love it,” Doherty said. “There’s a miracle aspect to actually getting it done and all getting together to do it. We’re all really proud of it.”

Listen to “Gunga Din” (their first single since 2004) here:

And the tracklist is:

1. Barbarians

2. Gunga Din

3. Fame and Fortune

4. Anthem for Doomed Youth

5. Heart of the Matter

6. Belly of the Beast

7. Iceman

8. You’re My Waterloo

9. Fury of Chonburi

10. The Milkman’s Horse

11. Glasgow Coma Scale Blues

12. Dead For Love

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

13. Love on the Dole

14. Bucket Shop

15. Lust of the Libertines

16. 7 Deadly Sins

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