1st Place
Dave DeWhitt
Newark, Delaware
Q&A Feature

2nd Place
“Nothing Stranger”
Richard Dames
New York, New York

3rd Place
“Rusty Rails”
Marlin Cagle
Decatur, Alabama

4th Place
“Give Me Impossible Things”
Mick Evans
Bristol, South West England

Honorable Mention
“Through The Valley”
Dan Lugo
Orlando, Florida

“Another Old Story”
Mark MacMinn
Portland, Oregon

“Everybody Wants To”
Amy McCarley
Huntsville, Alabama

“Nothing In The Dark”
Larry Black
Asheville, North Carolina

“All We Had To Call Home”
Iain Weigert
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Sofa Blues”
Timothy McGuire
Brookline, Massachusetts

“Getting Better By Degrees”
Pete Croken
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Rose Hartley
Adelaide, South Australia

“This Is When You Pray”
Natalie Champagne
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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