Mary Bragg Debuts Video For “I Thought You Were Somebody Else”

Photo by Laura Partain

On Friday, Mary Bragg released her new album, Violets As Camouflage. One of the standout tracks from the new LP is lead single “I Thought You Were Somebody Else,” which Bragg just released an official video for, premiering below.

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Bragg co-wrote the song with Bill DeMain, hoping, as she puts it, to capture the “particular brand of romantic failure” associated with trusting the wrong person. The accompanying video is meant to reflect the song’s hazy longing and loneliness, showing Bragg in dreamy natural settings.

“There’s such beauty in trusting people, believing that every magical moment you share with a person is one hundred percent real and true,” Bragg says. “But of course we’re all flawed human beings, and it’s heartbreaking to realize that your version of a memory is not the same as someone else’s. The video touches on the isolation you feel when a memory replays itself — the details fuzzy, the fantasy gone. You thought you knew that person — you know you did — but still somehow, you got it wrong.”

Watch the video for “I Thought You Were Somebody Else” below.

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