Meaning Behind the Song of Devotion “All of Me” by John Legend

No song embodies the idea of loving devotion nearly as well as John Legend’s 2013 offering, “All of Me.” For those who know it, this song is it. Let’s dive into the history and meaning of the song.

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A month before Legend married his popular pop culture partner Chrissy Teigen on September 14, 2013, he released this single, “All of Me.” The track, which is from Legend’s fourth LP Love in the Future, dropped on August 12 of that year, providing virtual flower petals on the red carpet to wedded bliss.

And a year later, the honeymoon was still ongoing, as the song hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on May 17, 2014. It was Legend’s first No. 1 single in the U.S. The lovely black and white video for the song has garnered 2.3 billion views on YouTube, alone. Yes, marriage looks good on him.

Chrissy Teigen

The model, who made waves in 2010 as one of the featured women in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, has grown to become a big voice in pop culture, thanks in part to her seemingly very loving (celebrity) relationship with Legend.

It’s their bond that inspired this emotional, hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-rising piano ballad. Written for Teigen, who was Legend’s fiancée at the time, the song honors their relationship, which began some six years before the song.

Teigen and Legend met in 2007, before she became famous in SI, when Legend was making the video for his song, “Stereo,” from his 2006 album, Once Again. Teigen stars in the sexy music video for the song, which is all about allure.

The two have four kids today and even recently renewed their vows.

The Message

Over the years, Teigen has become popular on social media, despite some ups and downs. She’s released cookbooks and other products. The two seemingly have a blissful, albeit busy life, which all began with the devotion that they felt for one another, as Legend sings in “All of Me,”

My head’s under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose, I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh-oh

Final Thoughts

Love, at times, is all we got. So, why not shout it from the rooftops? Especially if you have a voice like Legend’s on “All of Me.”

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