Meghan Patrick Sets Her Past Self Free in “She’s No Good For Me” [Exclusive Premiere]

Meghan Patrick is shedding layers of herself that no longer serve her in the video for her new song, “She’s No Good For Me,” premiering exclusively with American Songwriter.

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Healing and growth take center stage in the song which also shows off Patrick’s powerful vocals. “She’s No Good For Me” sees her going inward, reflecting on past decisions she made when she was reckless, young, and dumb thinking she was bulletproof, having evolved enough to realize that going back to that version of herself only leads to turmoil. The lyrics demonstrate a healthy sense of self-awareness, particularly when she sings crossing over bridges that I know I need to burn while driving down the open road in an old Pontiac, ridding herself of items she no longer needs.

She’s a damn good time / But she ends the night / Crying on the bathroom floor / She’s whiskey strong ’til the whiskey’s gone / And she’s knocking on her ex’s door / It’s so hard to but I have to leave / The girl I used to be / She’s no good for me, Patrick proclaims in the triumphant chorus while tossing old boots and clothes collected from previous video shoots out of the car that reminds her of her destructive past. The singer also admits that she’s still learning how to leave her former self in the past as part of her journey of inner growth. The video ends with Patrick walking amongst the horses running wild and free in a wide-open field.

“The process of writing ‘She’s No Good For Me’ was extremely cathartic and empowering,” Patrick shares with American Songwriter. “When you’ve reached a point of recognizing your own BS, but you’ve also gotten to a place where you can give yourself a little grace for who you were when you were going through a hard time… that’s when you start healing, and growing. It’s also recognizing that healing is not always linear, that old version of you may still show up every once in a while, but knowing you need to leave that version of yourself behind is half the battle.”

Describing the video shoot as a “blast,” Patrick compares the act of throwing old items out of the car to “shedding an old version of myself.” “Listening to the song while I drove just felt so empowering and like I was really living the song in the moment, which I think makes for a very authentic performance,” she expresses. “The horses coming in at the end was not planned but it was an incredible moment. Running through that field with them was so exhilarating and beautiful and it felt like a sign that I was finally free to be completely myself and go into this new era unbridled.”

Patrick will spend the latter portion of February on the road as an opening act on Drew Parker’s At the End of the Dirt Road Tour February 23-25, followed by a stop at Spring Break Up Country Music Festival in her native Canada in Abbotsford, British Columbia on March 25. She’ll then join Flatland Calvary’s North American Tour on March 30 and 31.

Patrick tied the knot with fellow country star Mitchell Tenpenny in October 2022.

Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild / Shore Fire Media

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