RaeLynn Wants to Know “What’s Wrong With That?” in New Summer Bop [Exclusive Premiere]

RaeLynn can change a tire, pay her bar tab, and open her own damn door too. She’s an independent woman, always has been. But along the way, she’s found someone who does many of those things for her and she’d like to know what’s wrong with that?

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The country singer is asking the important question in her new song, “What’s Wrong With That,” a sass-filled banger arriving just in time to soundtrack the summer. The modern ode to chivalry, it is a song RaeLynn wrote from personal experience, pulling from life in single womanhood, in marriage, and in motherhood now.

“I’ll never forget the first time that [my husband] Josh brought me flowers, he opened my door, and he was wooing me doing all the things when we were dating,” RaeLynn tells American Songwriter. “And I loved it. I loved being treated like a lady.”

She’s not above doing those things for herself, she assures in the song, but with her latest single, she’s asking, “What’s wrong with letting a man do those things for you?”

What’s wrong if I let a big strong cowboy do what he’s made to do?, she sings against a beat-rattled twang, What’s wrong if I let him treat me like a lady if he wants to? / What’s wrong with a six foot two little front porch view of him mowin’ my grass? / It’s old school so I’m told, but I just want to know, what’s wrong with that?

The song is not just a tribute to independent women like herself, but it’s also a nod to the partners behind them. “I wanted a song to celebrate those men,” she adds, “because I feel like so many of my fans have awesome husbands that are working their butts off and being good dads and being good husbands and they need a song for them.”

“What’s Wrong With That” is the perfect introduction to RaeLynn’s album in the works, a release that will see an evolved artist, exploring her life as it is now. “I’ve been married for eight years. I just had my daughter a little over a year and a half ago,” she says, adding that she’s is a stage in her life that many of her fans can relate to. “As you get older, life looks different than it did when you’re 18/19, so I’m writing songs in that kind of space. They’re more mature, but they’re still fun and flirty.”

Get a feel for what’s to come with RaeLynn’s fiery new single, “What’s Wrong With That.”

Photo by Acacia Evans / Courtesy of Wortman Works

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