A Song for Today: “Memorial Day” by David Plenn

A song of love and loss

In honor of the holiday today, we’re happy to bring you this song from Los Angeles singer-songwriter David Plenn, “Memorial Day.” It is the first single from his upcoming album.

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A song about love and loss.

Memorial Day
Words & Music by David Plenn

He always loved his Maker’s Mark
She’ll pour a glass tonight
And find a place where she can watch the sunset
Until the evening lights

There’s a flag hanging on her front porch
A little worn and frayed
It’s part of her tradition now
Each Memorial Day

He held her hand and then he said he loved her
And he danced her around and ‘round
She sees the scene playin’ in slow motion
They said his body never was found

His Sunday suit hangs in the closet
She says it’s just in case
And she says a prayer for her missing soldier
Each Memorial Day

The doorbell rings and standing at the screen door
Three soldiers in uniform
She sees the scene play in slow motion
She remembers closing the door

He always loved his Maker’s Mark
She pours a glass tonight
Then finds a place where she can watch the sunset
Until the evening lights

She makes a toast to the fallen soldiers
And the MIA’s
And everyone they left behind
Each Memorial Day

Here comes the night
Memorial Day
Her glass held high
Memorial Day

Words & Music: David Plenn c. 2018

Video by Kevin Riggin.
Recorded and mixed by James Thomas Hill.
Trumpet: Mark Hatch
Accordion: Phil Parlapiano
Bass: James “Hutch” Hutcheson
Guitar and Vocal: David Plenn

Available for purchase at: Memorial Day

David Plenn


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