Chase Wright Thinks Back to College Days on New Single, “My Kinda Morning”

Remember those college nights that would turn into mornings? For Chase Wright, his new single, “My Kinda Morning,” came from reminiscing about those fun times in his life.

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“I instantly thought back to an experience in college where I stayed up all night. Night turned into day and I just had a really good time, so I was thinking, that’s my kinda morning,” says Chase.

Brothers Matt and Josh Jenkins collaborated with Chase to write this song in 2019 after his recent move to Nashville, TN. Since he was new to writing music, he would run into difficult spots and he knew that having someone else there to help him through it would be beneficial. That’s why “co-writing really worked for me,” says Chase.

“It was Matt’s idea, he came in to write with the title, but I kind of took it in a different direction than what Matt was thinking.”

Since Chase had recently graduated from Depauw University, he had a unique perspective of the college experience that he could put into the song. Going into college, Chase didn’t expect to end up as a singer in Nashville playing in the Bluebird Cafe as his first live show. He received a degree in economics but decided to follow his passion for music after picking up the guitar and teaching himself how to play during freshman year.

“Junior year of college I really dove into music and really gave it everything. I told myself I have a year and a half and if I can’t make something happen then I have to figure out something else, just suck it up and take a real job.”

Six months later, before even moving yet, he had signed with his management and publishing company and was ready to make his home in Nashville. He was able to skip the usual singing in bars and cafes to get noticed experience and jumped right into singing next to some of the artists he looks up to.

“The Bluebird show was my very first live gig in Nashville, and it was with two artists (Matt Ramsey and Trevor Rosen from Old Dominion) that I was a huge huge fan of. To be on the same ticket, the same poster and to be sitting next to them, talking to them prior to the show was super cool.”

Chase knew that he always wanted to be his own boss, but he didn’t expect music to take him to his career. Despite learning that the corporate life isn’t for him, his business degree has come to help him in some ways.

“It’s funny because now, that’s the case. I do control my own destiny. This artistry is a business so going to school majoring in business and being pretty business-savvy sets me apart from some artists at my level because I feel like I am more in tune with the business side of things.”

Chase has big dreams of playing in a stadium sized venue one day, but for now, he is just learning to take in everything Nashville has to offer him.

In addition to “My Kinda Morning,” Chase is preparing to release three additional singles, finally turning his dreams of being a musician into reality.

Listen to this new single now down below:

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