Performing Songwriter, Radio and Records Magazine Fold

Two respected, long-running music publications, Performing Songwriter and Radio and Records, will shut their doors this month, their owners announced on Wednesday, June 3. Both cited the current economic climate as a contributing factor. We’re sad to see them go, as we were when No Depression, Harp and Blender ceased publication over the past two years.

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We hope you continue to read and support American Songwriter magazine. We love you as much as you love us, if not more. We music fans need to stick together.

Let us know how we’re doing, what you’d like to see more of, and anything else on your mind, email us here or comment on this site.

Read Performing Songwriter founder Lydia Hutchinson’s graceful goodbye letter here.


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  1. I think it sucks, the way the world is going. The next few generations are never going to get the thrill of cracking open virgin vinyl (or a cd for that matter), experience the smell of a new book or feel the anticipation of a favourite monthly magazine.

    You guys are doing great. I’m a subscriber. I REALLY wish it were a monthly magazine though. 2 months is too long!


  2. Cory,

    I so agree with you. I am an internet user, but I HATE the net sometimes because it is killin off great establishments like this. Its killin radio. Its slowly killin TV. And now, its putting a hurtin on movies with all the piracy thats going on now. And like you said, the young generation will never really know how good we older folks had it with all the “tangible” items we enjoyed.

    When will people learn that the internet is full of evil for the most part is doing nothing but rotting brains and killing off some good things that have entertained and educated people for decades.

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