Remember Kazaa? Subscription Site Sidesteps App Store

Do you remember the early-’00s peer-to-peer network Kazaa? We’d all but forgotten Kazaa from our high school days but, apparently, after years of lawsuits, the service has been up and running legally for some time.

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Kazaa, which emerged after Napster’s shutdown and gained popularity with P2P users, was more recently acquired by the search marketing company Altrinsic.

Today Altrinsic issued a press release, largely derided by TechCrunch, in which the company invites Kazaa users to simply visit on their iPhone or iPad, instead of looking for a Kazaa app in the App Store (there isn’t one). This mobile web version of Kazaa will avoid Apple’s new 30% App Store fees for content providers, says Altrinsic. is a cleanly-built subscription and download service that looks similar to it’s better-publicized competitors MOG or Rdio.

We’re not really sure who’s using Kazaa these days with so many great sites out there in the ridiculously competitive and unprofitable music consumption space – but Kazaa certainly has brand-name power in this game. As TechCrunch point out, the already-obscure site likely won’t gain a whole lot of traction from shunning one of the most popular distribution channels.


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