Spotify Launches New iPod And Download Features

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Just a few weeks ago, Spotify’s hand was forced by the record labels when the London-based music startup begrudgingly announced changes to its free (“Open”) platform. Those changes put stricter limits on free users’ song plays. That was the bad news, but now comes the good news for free Spotify users in Europe. (The service has still yet to finalize licensing for the U.S.)

Today, Spotify is rolling out a new iPod integration feature for its “Open” users. The previously streaming-only music service is also introducing a downloading component, where users can purchase songs from around €0.60 to €1. (The price points scale by volume: 10 tracks are €9.99 while €60 will get a user 100 tracks.)

In a fetching video titled “Spotify says hello to the iPod,” the company shows users how to purchase entire playlists within the service, share with friends, and add their playlists to iPods and other devices. “With Spotify, it’s all about the playlist,” affirms the video.

While users of Spotify’s Premium and Unlimited services already had mobile access, free users didn’t have an easy way of getting their Spotify playlists onto a portable music device like an iPod or mobile smartphone. In a blog post on the company’s website, CEO Daniel Ek makes it clear that the changes are a direct response to feedback they’ve received from users who listen to a lot of music on the go.

In addition to the new iPod feature for free users, Spotify’s mobile platform is now available to everyone, allowing anyone to use Spotify apps on Android and iPhones. As the old saying goes: sometimes something is taken away, but something better is given back.

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