Review: Another Fresh Delivery from Massy Ferguson, Quality Guaranteed

Massy Ferguson/Joe’s Meat & Grocery/North & Left Records
4.5 out of Five Stars

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It’s somewhat amazing that a band that has relatively little name value can offer up an album of such enduring quality that it makes the usual superlatives seem inefficient. And because there’s no one actually named Massy Ferguson in the band, the name-value doesn’t matter anyway. This is an Americana outfit that has a history that’s found them putting out one exceptional effort after another— a sum total of six so far—and yet despite that fact, they still remain well below the radar as far as any wider recognition. Yet, it only takes a single listen to this, their latest offering, to prove the lack of logic. In truth, Massy Ferguson possess such an exceptional prowess, that the music literally speaks for itself.

Named for the family store founded by the group’s co-founder Adam Monda’s grandfather, Joe’s Meat & Grocery ought to be the album that finally brings this band the acclaim it deserves. Practically every entry is a standout, with songs such as “Miles Away,” “Save What Couldn’t Be Saved,” “Fire of Life,” “Leave If You Want To,” “The Hard Six,” and “Off My Mind” ringing with a level of anthemic resolve that ably reflects both their delivery and determination. The riveting, resilient hooks are fueled by searing and soaring refrains. As a result, every one of these tracks leaves an immediate impression, even managing to linger after the final notes fade away.

Ultimately, Joes Meat & Grocery is the triumph that the group’s fans and followers have always known to be well within their reach. In short, it’s a brash and blustery set of songs that leaves an enduring impression. Crank up those air guitars and fire up the flashlights on every cell phone within reach. Twelve years into a career marked by persistence and perseverance, Joes Meat & Grocery proves that this is a band that has what it takes to keep its customers coming back for more.

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