“Ringing In My Ears”

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She said there’s 50 ways to leave your lover
I said you’re still crazy after all these years
We fell in love to Smokey and the Miracles
Now all that’s left are the tracks of our tears
Is my life just a song one that’s played for too long
Has someone else cried these lonesome tears
Did she just whisper that she loves me
Or is it just a ringing in my ears

She said All things they must pass
So I said ain’t it funny how time slips away
She said she was so lonesome she could cry
It’s too bad I stopped loving her today

She said I was just crazy
Said ain’t it funny how time slips away
We never wanted this song to be over
So I figured out how to play side B

— Written by Chatham County Line. Appears on their upcoming album Wildwood. Hear a live version here.

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