Salvador Dali Parton Rage Nashville

When joke supergroup Salvador Dali Parton announced that they would be playing  six shows around Nashville on Saturday night, no one really knew exactly what to expect. Formed by members Justin Young of The Vaccines, Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons, Gil Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show, Mike Harris of Apache Relay, and Jake Orrall  of JEFF the Brotherhood, the possibilities for the style of the band’s musical offerings ranged from upbeat folk to hard-hitting punk to moody country-blues.

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The band came onstage at the High Watt to a surprisingly small crowd, mostly made up of college kids and thirthysomething Mumford & Sons fans. SDP appeared to be celebrating Halloween a bit early, all dressed in costume. Most festive was Mumford’s Marshall, who was dressed in drag, including a pair of fishnet tights that ripped more and more as the night went on. As the set began, it turned out to be almost entirely comprised of droning, satirical black metal and ended with a classic short, fast and loud punk number that sent the crowd into a frenzy and resulted in a very short-lived mosh pit, much to the chagrin of some of the older members of the audience.

After a mad rush to load out and get to the next venue on time, the band played a second show at Exit/In, where Marshall pulled a fan onstage and slow danced with him for the entire duration of one of the band’s songs, an off-beat country tune with rather macabre lyrics.

As the band made their way to the stage for their third show, Marshall wandered through the crowd, kissing fans’ cheeks at random and leaving behind traces of bright pink lipstick. His antics continued onstage, where he (accidentally) knocked down a ceiling panel with his guitar and played a full song while laying down by Young’s feet.


Following the Stone Fox, the group played the Zombie Prom at dive bar Springwater before heading across town to play their second to last show of the night, a house show in a grungy, overcrowded basement. The group ended the night with a final appearance at FUBAR in East Nashville.

For those who missed the festivities, the band supposedly recorded a live album throughout the night, though it is currently unclear when it will be released.


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